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Welcome to Hellum

95 years of tradition

Gorgeous illuminations bring a sparkle to the eye.

Welcome to Hellum's world of decorative illuminations!
The Hellum collection offers a unique combination of classic and traditional decorative illuminations with playful and extravagant innovations. Choose from a multitude of high-quality indoor and outdoor decorations designed to light up Christmas, Halloween and all the rest of the year.

Important safety warning

  Hellum is recalling models of the "Bright Night LED fairy light stars 10L"
that were sold between September and December 2015 by Butlers.

Our Sortiment

Hellum specializes in manufacturing and selling light chains and other decorative lightings for indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes classical light chains, light chains with decorative elements, wireless Christmas candles, stars, wax candles, illuminated trees and plants, acrylic decoration, LED- picture, ceramic figures, gift bags, silhouettes, rope lights, halloween and spare parts.

Distribution channels

At Christmas and throughout the rest of the year, Hellum products add a festive mood to any house or garden, to hotels and restaurants, to shops and department stores. The hellum portfolio is available through the onlineshop, electronic retail chains, DIY and garden centers and retail stores all over Germany, Austria and other European countries.